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Rowan is crazy, you see, that's why she did that. The same kind of crazy that enjoys things like tofu. Even though it tastes like shit, or rather, like nothing.

"For my next trick, I will write a whole page... backward!" Rowan states importantly.

"Please don't." Sighs Claudia.

"What's that you said?"

"Oh, nothing. nothing at all!"

Rowan mumbles the word 'bitch' under her breath and leaves the room, clearly offended, or maybe just pretending to be. Yeah, she's not one to get offended so easily.

Fatass murrs.

Bitchface flicks her tail.

"Shut up, Fatass." Bitchface says.

"What. The. Fuck." Says Claudia. "Did you just say something?"

Both cats pretend they weren't paying attention.

"I must be tired, or crazy, or both." Claudia decides.

Fatass murrs nonchalantly.

Bitchface shoots her a look.

Fatass stops.

When Claudia finally leaves the room, Bitchface gives Fatass a disgusted look and says "You were being obvious."


"They're starting to suspect."

"You're the one who slipped and said something."

"Argh! It's those bloody murrs of yours! I just can't stand them! So it's all your fault, naturally."

Fatass laughs and slaps Bitchface with her paw. "Fuck you."

"I always hated you, you fat lump."

A fight ensues. The humans hear the commotion and nearly wet themselves at the horrible display of cuteness.

Rowan has made some tofu, and, keeps insisting that it's "good shit" even after Claudia tastes it and nearly vomits.

"More for me then!"



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