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The relationship between Claudia and Bitchface has always been quite interesting and sometimes even mysterious. It is still unknown whether or not Claudia knows that Bitchface can talk. Perhaps Bitchface chose Claudia, and trusted her, because Bitchface knew Claudia would believe she was just hearing things the next day... but sometimes, Bitchface would "slip up" and have short conversations with Claudia.

Bitchface always loved Claudia, even though Claudia has a tendency to do very annoying things, like kiss Bitchface and call her Poo. It is still unknown whether or not Bitchface understands that Claudia does not mean phrases like "Why are you so cute? You need to die" literally. Deep down inside, though, Bitchface knows Claudia loves her. She was quite devestated when Claudia left. Sometimes she can still be seen wandering aimlessly around with a ball in her mouth while her muffled meows echo across the Claudia-less room...

One could say that Claudia and Bitchface are even happy together... when Bitchface isn't running for her life while Claudia tries to make out with her.

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